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The construction project is almost at it's completion. The project is sponsored by Enabel Uganda.
ECDE Centre Compound
The incoming principal touring the construction site
ECDE Centre
The front view with the compound planted with grasses
ECDE Centre
A well fenched and safeguarded premise for the children's ECDE centre
ECDE Centre
The side view for one of the building

Partners Secondary Schools

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and Sports Visits to the college on 11th March, 2020 Teachers Exchange Visit to the college by Belgian Teachers to Uganda 9th - 11th March, 2020 through Enabel.
  • Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Education & Sports at Principal Office at the college
  • Permanent Secretary sharing some moment with the college principal infront of the administration block
  • Permanent Secretary with some of his team posed for a photo with the principal infront of the college's building
  • Some Snacks moment at the college boardroom
  • The  visit to the Pioneer hall which is unrenovated
  • The Permanent Secretary with the site constructor during the ECD centre site visit
  • The principal demonstrating Time on Tasks Tool - The Kobo Collect to PS and the team
  • The PS addressing the college's management during his visit in the college
  • The PS at the unrenovated Pioneer Building at the college
  • The PS being brief by the contractor about the progress of the building since the site handover in January
  • The PS during speech delivery at the principal office
  • The PS giving directive to the principal concerning renovating the building
  • The PS viewing the ECD centre under construction at the college
  • The PS walks through during a tour moment at the college
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  • The team taking a tour at the college
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  • A Class Activity during co-teaching at National Teachers' College Unyama
  • A Classroom experience during co-teaching in classroom at NTC Unyama
  • A classroom experience during the co-teaching session
  • A Co-teaching moment at a classroom at National Teachers' College Unyama
  • A co-teaching session in a classroom
  • A co-teaching session in classroom
  • A demonstration during co-teaching session
  • A learning station during co-teaching session
  • A lecturer gives his points during evaluation exercise
  • A observer taking video footage during a classroom experience
  • Active moment during a co-teaching session
  • An evaluation of the programme and the closing meeting with the college staff
  • Class observation during presentation moment at a co-teaching class
  • Classroom exercise during co-teaching
  • Classroom experience during co-teaching in a Biology classroom at NTC Unyama
  • Classroom experience during co-teaching in classroom at NTC Unyama 1
  • Classroom experience during co-teaching in classroom at NTC Unyama
  • CLassroom experince with Maths class
  • Group activities during the co-teaching session
  • Lesson observation by Principal Education officer
  • Preparatory session for co-teaching
  • Preparatory Session of a Ugandan and a Belgian Teachers
  • Sharing experience during evaluation meeting
  • Some light moment during the closing session
  • Some of the crazy moment during the exercise
  • Some of the light moment during the exchange programme
  • The Belgian Coordinator during clossing session
  • The Coordinators posed for a photo
  • The Coordinators sharing a light moment at the college compound
  • The Coordinators sharing a light moment at the college
  • The Deputy Principal Ms. Among Florence giving a closing remarks.
  • The Enabel Coordinator from Uganda giving her remarks during clossing session
  • The Enabel staff and the Ministry of Education Representative during the clossing session
  • The Ministry of Education and Sports' Representative  Haj. Kidedi Abdul giving a remark
  • The Team at their moment preparing for co-teaching
  • The team posed for a group photo at National Teachers College Unyama
  • The team posed for a group photo moment at  National Teachers College Unyama
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  • Two teachers participating in a classroom experience
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